The EOS ART Projects

EOS Art Book Cover-s

The EOS ART Projects, 2010-2013 include six artistic projects that resulted from an innovative program of interdisciplinary collaboration between regional artists and Earth scientists at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. The completed artworks were exhibited in a public show at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) between March to July of 2014.

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EOS ART Projects Book-Coastline-Sv1 EOS ART Projects Book-Lupang-Sv1 EOS ART Projects Book-Sound-Sv1
EOS ART Projects Book-Sudden-Sv1 EOS ART Projects Book-Possibility-Sv1 EOS ART Projects Book-Earth-Sv1

Coastline, Zhang Xiao
Lupang, Clara Balaguer and Carlos Casas
Sound of the Earth, Sai Hua Kuan
Sudden Nature, Isaac Kerlow
The Possibility of Knowing, Zhao Renhui
When Need Moves the Earth, Som Sutthirat

In addition to the 2014 art show and the printed catalog of the show the Art+Media Group at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) put together a behind-the-scenes mini-show of scientific posters. It also helped organize a series of Art and Science seminars for Junior College and Secondary School science students in collaboration with the museum’s Education Department. The catalog is available by at Books Actually in Singapore, Printed Matter in New York City, and by mail. For additional information on how to order the book please email here.

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