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Earth Girl 2 is FREE at the App Store and at Google Play in ENGLISH, THAI, TAMIL and FRENCH. The App is optimized for iPad Air and Android handheld devices larger than six inches.

Earth Girl 2: Preparing for the Tsunami is an interactive game about making strategic decisions that can directly increase the survival rate in coastal communities during earthquakes and tsunamis. This casual strategy game was developed by an interdisciplinary team at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, and it is based on real-life situations with an emphasis on learning preparedness and survival skills. It was inspired by the kids who live in coastal communities throughout Asia, and by the stories told by survivors of recent tsunamis.

Earth Girl 2 was called “21st century’s answer to Super Mario” when reviewed in the Sci Dev Net science communication website.

EG2 - L'Est Republican - L'application %22EarthGirl 2%22 où comment se préparer à un Tsunami. PHOTO-1 Alexandre MARCHI
Boys play the French edition of Earth Girl 2. Image courtesy of Alexandre MARCHI, L’Est Republican.

Earth Girl 2: Se préparer au tsunami was rolled out in French at the Science & You conference and festival in Nancy, France, in early June 2015. The Indonesian, Thai, and Tamil versions are being be launched regionally in Southeast Asia throughout 2015 and early 2016. The Chinese, Japanese and Spanish versions are in the works and scheduled for delivery throughout 2016.

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Earth Girl: The Natural Disaster Fighter, also known as Earth Girl 1, includes three casual fun games that aim to increase awareness of tsunami, flooding and volcanic eruptions. Earth Girl is a smart and action-loving girl who can save her family and friends by fighting, literally, natural hazards.

The side-scrolling Flash game runs in any Flash-compatible browser on PC or Apple computers. It comprises six levels and quizzes about earth hazards. Players can acquire superpowers by saving villagers and also by answering the quizzes correctly. The game is available in four languages: English, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese. Download your Earth Girl 1 Flash Games now!


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Earth Girl Volcano is our new game about volcanic hazards! It includes eruptions, pyrochlastic flows, lahars, gas and much strategic thinking about how to best avoid them. The game is currently in development and we have a few cool ideas about where to take it.