The Art+Media Group explores innovative methods for communicating Earth science to a wide audience. We also develop and produce a number of artworks and media projects inspired by natural hazards.

We create documentary films, art projects, interactive games, and educational media. Most of our projects are presented in this site and many can be accessed using the menu on the left or the links below.


The Art+Media Group is one of the research groups at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), in addition to Climate, Tectonics, and Volcano. The group is mostly composed by artists, animators, coders, and filmmakers, and is led by Prof. Isaac Kerlow, Principal Investigator. Our external collaborators are all over the globe including, for example, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Japan, Spain, and the United States.

The mission of the Earth Observatory of Singapore is to conduct fundamental research on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and climate change in and around the region, toward safer and more sustainable societies. You can download the EOS Annual Report in PDF here.

Some of our documentary films include The Nepal Ratu River Expedition, and Mayon: The Volcano Princess. The Nepal film examines the tectonic fault along the Himalaya in the context of creating a more sustainable Nepal. Mayon is a film about the people who live around the most active and most destructive volcano in The Philippines.

The Tsunami of New Dreams presents the testimony of survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in the city of Banda Aceh. The documentary film is scheduled for release in late 2015.

Our interactive games feature Earth Girl, a smart and action-loving character who helps her community survive natural disasters. Earth Girl 2 was recognized by the Singapore National Research Foundation as a top interactive media project in the 2014 Sciences and Technologies Showcase.

Our educational media includes the Merapi Interactive eBook, currently in development. The interactive project focuses on the Earth science and culture of Mount Merapi in Java, Indonesia.

The Knowledge Capsules are a collection of very short films, oftentimes used in the classroom as examples of current research. These snippets of Earth science encapsulate in under 5-6 minutes the essence of a researcher’s work or a specific project.

Strip-EOS Art
The EOS ART Projects include six projects inspired by Earth science and natural hazards, developed by visiting artists between 2010-2013.

A few of our projects have been inspired by the unpredictability of nature and our occasional negative impact on the environment. See Sudden Nature for the former and SHADOWS for the later.

Funding for our work is provided by The National Research Foundation, The Ministry of Education, The Nanyang Technological University, private donors, and sometimes money from our own pockets.

Last but not least, you can find here a list of the recent papers and/or presentations by Isaac Kerlow.