WebGeoTouch was a web-based open-access version of our legacy GeoTouch geographical information system (GIS) system. It was developed alongside WebGeoPad, a tablet version of the product. The internet-based free app was multi-platform and brought high quality GIS to scientists, students and the general public working outside of the EOS intranet.

The legacy version of GeoTouch was used and continues to be used to showcase EOS science research and applications to visitors, scientific colleagues and students.

Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, learned about EOS’ projects through GeoTouch.

During 2015 we transformed the closed-access intranet-based GeoTouch legacy software into an open access Web-based App. The new software, Web GeoTouch, wass a multi-platform device-independent solution for visualizing GIS content. The Beta Release of WebGeoTouch was available to the public during 2015-2017, and it worked on multiple devices including desktop or laptop Windows or Apple OS computers, iOS and Android tablets and phones.

DESKTOP Web GeoTouch for Windows and Apple OS computers.

TABLET Web GeoTouch for iPads and Android tablets.

PHONE Web GeoTouch for iPhones and Android phones.